My name is Liz Murray and I’m an almost thirty-something singleton living in theĀ Seattle area. I have a degree in Marketing and work in sales at retirement community (among my vast and ever-evolving side-hustles). While I have no formal education in finance or accounting, making money and saving money have been my life’s passions. I listen to finance-related podcasts during my daily commute. I constantly read books, magazines, and blogs on finance and money-related topics. I give myself monthly money challenges and savings goals. I help my friends and family reach their financial goals. Simply put, I enjoy money and I enjoy talking about money.

With that said, I’m not perfect. I’ve made plenty of money mistakes. But with each mistake, of course, comes a valuable lesson. And the lessons keep on coming!

My goal isn’t to make you feel bad about your situation orĀ the decisions you’ve made. Rather, I hope to empower you to be your own money boss and take charge over your life and your financial prowess. We’re in this together!